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Courtroom Case Management & Virtual Queuing 

Digital Workflow Optimization
Upon verdict, Court Cleck can note fine or fees in CASE Call's virtual queue.
Transfer case from courtroom to cashier within CASE Call.
Customer is automaticlly notifed by text of thier position in the Cashier queue. (Before they leave the courtroom)  
Cashier can summons customer when it is thier turn.

CASE Call Digital Courtroom Efficiency Suite

 CASE Call.™ Virtual Queuing Digital Displays, Court Clerk User Interface, Courtroom Check-in Kiosk and Mobile Notifications and Alerts.

Optimize Courtroom Case Throughput & Customer Satisfaction
  1. Case Call's unique high-performance courtroom optimization suite is designed to achieve the Customer Perspective and the Operations Perspective of the High-Performance Court FrameWork. 
  2. Operational Efficiency achieved with CASE Call digital workflow optimization, which in turn increases courtroom case throughput.
  3. CASE Call court clerk's interface makes it easy for clerks to manage, modify and prioritizes cases in addition to summonings customers when their case is ready to be heard.
  4. Court Customer Satisfaction achieved by accommodating customers with an alternative to waiting inside the courtroom to waiting outside the courtroom, using virtual queuing, eliminating the anxiety often associated with waiting in uncertainty for your case to be called.   
  5. Virtual queuing options include SMS notifications and or digital displays.
  6. A Digital display directory URL of the next ten cases to be heard. 
  7. HTML5 responsive display page designed with affordability in mind, compatible with any browser-based monitor or Smart TV. 
  8. Two way interactive SMS text messages automatically notify court customers of their position in the queue and will alert customers to return to the courtroom prior to their case being called. 
  9. SMS texting to remind a customer to pay any fines or fees before leaving the courthouse. 
  10. CASE Call records time and attendance, case transaction time.

Case Management

Digital Case Information ported over from Digital Daily Docket iimproves effiiency. 

Customer Journey

Virtual queuing  measurabily improves a traditionally anxious customer journey.  

Courtroom Efficiency 

Fliexible, user interface, designed for easy of use. Transfer customer from courtroom to cashier. 

CASE Call Court Clerk Interface

Case Call.™court clerk interface makes it easy for clerks to manage, modify and prioritizes the court caseload, with features such as:
Auto Sort set key attributes to sort cases in priorty, i.e. cases with attorneys, Police, Witness
Go paperless with our API or manual upload of the Court cases scheduled for the day.  
Syncing to the Digital Daily Docket Check-in suite.
Stand along CASE Call Courtroom Check-in Kiosk.   
Digitally Optimized workflow - Case verdict to cashier's queue. Transfer cases to Cashier queue for collection, before customers leave the court house. 

Mobile Notifications & Engagement

Why Courts Need a Mobile Strategy.

Reflects the demographics of court cutomers. 
Reduce failure to appear rate by 30%
9 out of 10 Americans own a cell phone.
97% of cell phone users communicate via text message..
40% of smart phone users look up government services.
13% of low income Americans are smart phone dependent.
12% of Aferican Americans and 13% of Latinos are smart phone dependent.
15% of age 18-29 are haveily dependent on a smart phone for online access.
Optimial Mobile Collections strategy. SMS Click through rate for making payments is 36%, compared to 3.2% for email.

Reminders,Queuing,Wayfinding, Fines

Court Q Messenger, is a multi-channel automated instant messaging, notification and communication suite.
Why messaging:
Proven effective channel of engagement across industries.
98% read rate. 89% read within minutes of reciept.
70% of US consumers value text and email messages reminders and or instructions. 
70% of Professionals text for business, up 30% from 2017
Deploying Nudge Messaging, a behavioral science approach to influance decsion making, proven effective in reducing failure to appear rates.
Intregated with with Daily Docket, customers can optin to recieve case information, including mobile directions to thier courtroom.
A virtual waiting room with SMS notification and alerts. 
Effective engagement for Jurors communication. 

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