Courts must meet the increased expectation from the public that all government operations, including those of the courts, should be efficient, accountable, and cost-effective (Klaversma, 2009)

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Courthouse Automation and Customer Flow Optimization

Court Q 3.0 is a lean design, software as a Services (SaaS) suite, developed to meet the four Perspectives of the High-Performance Court Framework. 
Court Q 3.0 can immediately improve operating performance and the overall experience for court stakeholders from customers to judges. By eliminating or reducing labor-intensive paper processes with human-centered digital integration and automation will significantly reduce organizational drag, in turn freeing up resources necessary to assure equitable and consistent distribution of justice. 

A Suite of Courthouse Solutions

Automated Workfows = Operational Efficiencies  

The Customer of High Performance Court 

The Customer Perspective 

The High Performance Court Framework identifies four Perspectives. Perspectives concern how the interests and positions of different stakeholders involved in the legal process are affected by administrative practices. The two measurable Perspectives are Operational and the Customer.
The Customer Perspective, involve areas of effectiveness and procedural satisfaction. 


Optimizing Workflow through digital automation drives efficiencies, saving staff time and lowering the court's Clearance Rate. 


Providing a high-quality customer experience is an important component in devveloping a high performance courthouse. 


We offer three digital solutions suites that integrate together for the optimal customer journey or stand alone solutions tailored to your courthouse needs.  

Fulcrum Design, LLC is a boutique strategic management and software innovation firm renowned for its client-driven innovation since 2001. The team at Fulcrum Design is passionate about making the internet a better place one project at a time. To achieve this end, we value long-term strategic relationships. As a strategic relationship firm, we seek and select clients who mutually value long-term win/win relationships. 

In 2014, Hampshire Probate and Family Court was awarded a grant to design and develop a customer-centered court queue management system. The Court selected Fulcrum Design. Shortly there after Court Q became the first court queue management system to deploy SMS virtual queuing.
The collaborative relationship has resulted in  the development of an affordable suite of high performance courthouse technology.

Want to learn more about our high performance courthouse software, give us a call. We specialize in affordable software development.

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